24 abr 2013

Eroticism. Erotic film created for launch of model Anja Rubik's 25 Magazine.

Created by Kanye West and Barnaby Roper, this film explores the subject of the first issue of Anja Rubik's 25 Magazine, Eroticism. Kaleidoscopic erotic images, fashion, models, interracial love sex, amazing work with color, beautiful editing, violence, blood, religious images, and a lot of style will make you want more and more after watching this video. Don't miss it.

EROTICISM featuring Kanye West from DEPESHA on Vimeo.

17 abr 2013

El movimiento, nuevo video de la banda chilena Los Tetas.

Los tetas estrenan su nuevo video, El Movimiento. Dirigido por Domingo Sandoval.
Para todos los que crecimos oyendo esta increíble banda de funk chileno, nos emociona cada vez que sale una nuevo disco, canción o video. No es el mejor video, pero está muy bien para empezar a mostrar de nuevo esta banda que está poco a poco recuperando el terreno que perdieron al desintegrarse en el 2004. Me divierte la canción,
...todo empieza como el big bang, todo comienzo es una explosión, luego comienza la atracción...
y se nota como han crecido como músicos, el bajo lleva un beat ultrasabroso.


16 abr 2013

Boys Noize new interactive video, STOP!

Directed by Barzolff, this is an amazing interactive video where you can play with the camera, moving it around during an acrobatic ballet. Boys Noize said:

“It’s a sarcastic video about peace and individualism, with the beauty of war for backdrop, the one you fight sky-high alongside your comrades, almost as if in a club with your buddies, showing off your new kicks and latest dance moves.”

Get into this link and enjoy. Click here to watch the video.

5 mar 2013

LA band HAIM releases new video Falling.

Directed by Tabitha Denholm, who has also worked in a couple of Florence and the Machine videos, Falling has a lot of mystery, vintage clothing, and a 70's feel that referred me to Sofia Coppola's awesome movie The Virgin Suicides on a dream. Sophia DeArborne, the stylist, got a lot of the amazing clothing from LA Designer Stone Cold Fox, lots of vintage, and some ACNE and Equipment among other brands.

Shot in the deserts and mountains of California, Falling gets you to dance, the amazing song, mixed with these three sisters posing, dancing, running, living the outsides, takes you to a trip outdoor in a fuzzy but still warm day to hang out with your buddies. Watch it.

6 feb 2013

Sigur Rós – Leaning Toward Solace.

On May 2012, the project "Valtari Mystery Film Experiment" started with a bunch of filmmakers, the same budget for each one of them, and the challenge of creating whatever came to their minds when they heard the songs of Sigur Ros album, Valtari. The project ended on December the 6th, when acclaimed filmmaker Floria Sigismondi presented Leaning Toward Solace. Starring Elle Fanning and John Hawkes, this visual composition creates a whole weird atmosphere around the relationship between a sad lonely father and a misfit punk rock teenage girl.

Leaning Towards Solace from Sigur Rós Valtari Mystery Films on Vimeo.

25 ene 2013

Tegan and Sara cover Time After Time.

Tegan & Sara perform Cyndi Lauper's "Time After Time" for Billboard's Candid Covers presented by Nikon.

As my first post, this video and song, presented to my by my dear friend/designer/music reviewer Erika Steer blew my mind. The perfect formula for me: girls with a microphone singing an 80s iconic song at a studio, all the band wearing amazing outfits and hairdos, and all of these being videotaped, gives much more sense than a lot of million-dollar-budget-videos we keep watching day by day. Open up you mind and senses to this amazing performance created by one of the most important girl bands of these times.

21 ene 2013

Hattie Stewart illustration.

Becoming popular amongst huge clients like Marc Jacobs, House Of Holland and Adidas, London based illustrator Hattie Stewart gives us the wildest fashionable creations to stare at. Don't miss them.

10 ene 2013

Awesome illustration for flyer and poster design by Prop4g4nd4.

Based in the UK. Prop4g4nd4 works as a freelance illustrator specialized in designing flyers and posters for music events. His unique style has been awarded by the EBGE prizes in the Poster & General Illustration categories in 2009. Check more of his "cubism" style in his website. www.prop4g4nd4.com

31 dic 2012

I'm Not A Band - Blister (Video).

In this blog we love choreographs. Specially if they have a twist in the story. Spanish artist and director Miguel Endara delighted us with the video Blister for the band I'm not a band. And starred by Takesomecrime, theres nothing else we could ask for. Amazing moves, edition and a funky and sweet outfit. Enjoy this video and get ready for the end of the year. Have a great 2013.

I'm Not A Band - "Blister" from Miguel Endara on Vimeo.