28 nov 2011

Videos for a new week.

Once again, some awesome videos to start this week.

MGMT - All We Ever Wanted Was Everything.
Directed by Ned Wenlock.

Friendly Fires - Hurting
Directed by David Lewandowski

Clock Opera - Lesson No.7
Director - Aoife McArdle

Dudes Factory presents Studiokillers - Ode To The Bouncer.

22 nov 2011

Ruta 67 de Transglobal con el nuevo EP de Flako.

Hoy Martes en Transglobal, estaremos escuchando temas del nuevo EP de Flako, titulado Carving Away the clay por Project:Mooncircle.

Tendremos Estrenos de Skittles, Dauwd, Taneli, Ye Mighty, entre otros.

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Transglobal > Todos los Martes > 6-8pst, 8-10centro, 9-11est.

21 nov 2011


Rapetino’s blog gets into the 10.000+ views with the support of people from around the globe. Thanks for all the views, the shares, the comments, the spread, the support and more. This is getting better and bigger and Rapetino wants to thank you all for this and more achievements that will come.

18 nov 2011

me & LP CD. Artwork by Rapetino.

Finally i got time to post the art i did for Matthew Embree & Lisa Papineau's EP named Chez Raymond. All the art is taken from my personal project Spacepets, and fits perfectly with their music and lifestyle. Enjoy the art, and relax with their music.

Click here to buy their merch and below the pictures you will be able to buy and/or listen to their music.

17 nov 2011

Max Zorn. A tape artist.

Everyday we bump against new expressions of art, some of them good some not that much. Max Zorn, and street artist based in Amsterdam is one of those artist you would love to bump against with, he uses brown tape and light as art materials. From portraits to boxing guys, the use of shadows and how this shadows create some kind of classic vintage looks on his work, is what gives to this artist and his elements such and exceptional style becoming Zorn an awesome creator. Here is how he explains the project:

"The idea to work with tape instead of paint was inspired by a friend who worked as a car designer at that time. These guys often use slim tapes to outline their ideas on large boards. I was surprised to see, how fast they could create stunning sketches with it. During the last years that kind of tape-art also conquered the streets as a new form of urban art. However, it is widely practised by using colored tape on walls or streets.

The idea to use light as a medium was born during a nightly run through Amterdam. The nice old street lamps with their golden light seemed perfect to be used as an open gallery for the first test of my modified tape-art.
The installation was very simple by just clamping the taped glass onto street lamps and once the light illuminates the many layers of tape, it creates a very graphic picture that seems to be self-glowing.

All that is needed are flexible Plexi-glass, some brown translucent tape and a cutter. The rest is taping, cutting, taping, cutting…"

Just one small thing i didnt like, his website. But feel free to check it, so you can see more of his outstanding work.

16 nov 2011

Benetton new advertising campaign UNHATE.

Benetton new ad campaign UNHATE, took my mind back about 20 years ago, when they use to create controversy, obviously to increase their sales, but leaving a strong political and social message to create conscience in people.

This UNHATE its just a call to stop hating. "It means not hating," says Alessandro Benetton, deputy chairman of Benetton Group and son of the founder of the family-controlled company.
"In a moment of darkness, with the financial crisis, what's going on in North African countries, in Athens, this is an attitude we can all embrace that can have positive energy."

In this new campaign we can see images of global leaders kissing. Obama with Chavez, The Pope with Ahmed Mohamed el-Tayeb and a couple more. And there's also a beautiful commercial. The agency Fabrica used the leader's pictures with no permission, but they are not expecting complains cause they are promoting peace. Let's wait and see what will happen, in a bad scenario they are gonna get more media attention that will, of course, increase the sales.

Enjoy the campaign.

15 nov 2011

Transglobal nos trae algunos lados B de Teebs.

Hoy Martes en Transglobal, estaremos escuchando temas de lo que se considera como una coleccion de los lados B del beatmaker Teebs.

Tendremos Estrenos de Behling & Simpson, Falty DL, Lindstrom, entre otros.

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10 nov 2011

Transglobal ahora nos trae sus rutas para descargar.

Desde el martes 8 de Noviembre las nuevas rutas de Transglobal podrán ser descargadas y disfrutadas cuando a sus oyentes les plazca. En el programa del martes, ruta 65 se escucharon temas del Chinoiseries Part 2, proyecto en el cual Onra desempolva su legado vietnamita. Y como todos los martes, tuvimos estrenos, en esta ocasión de B Bravo, Akira Kiteshi, Onra, entre otros.

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Transglobal > Todos los Martes > 6-8pst, 8-10centro, 9-11est.

4 nov 2011

Crispeta Mutante vuelve este sábado 5 de noviembre.

Este sábado Crispeta Mutante estará realizando un nuevo evento, esta vez en la tarde con una muestra audiovisual en Casa Sin Fin (Calle 99 # 11b - 20). Aparte de los cortos, el evento tendrá bandas, dj's, vj's, cocina de autor, muestra fotográfica, performances e intervenciones de artistas urbanos.
Vea en el video el line-up del evento. Suena bien. Estalla.

Crispeta Mutante te llevará a exponerte from Crispeta Mutante on Vimeo.

1 nov 2011

Transgobal nos trae lo nuevo de Renaissance Man.

Hoy Martes en Transglobal, estaremos escuchando temas del Proyecto de Renaissance Man titulado "The Renaissance Man Project" por Turbo Recordings.

Tendremos Estrenos de Deft, Hackman, Omar S, Megadeth, entre otros.

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Transglobal > Todos los Martes > 6-8pst, 8-10centro, 9-11est.