28 jun 2011

Hoy Transglobal con el nuevo trabajo de Silkie.

Hoy Martes en Transglobal, estaremos escuchando “City Limits Vol.2” el nuevo trabajo de Silkie disponible apartir de hoy por Deep Medi.

Tendremos Estrenos de S.O.S., Homework, Totally Enourmous Extinct Dinosaurs, Zimmer, Ye Mighty entre otros.

Twitter: @transglobalfm


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21 jun 2011

Unwired Gente del Aire.

Unwired GDA es un grupo de personas que manejan el movimiento del cuerpo con tanta elegancia y seguridad que los resultados terminan siendo obras de arte independientes.

Acróbatas, Artistas Marciales, Gimnastas y Bailarines se reúnen para ofrecer asesoría en escenas o secuencias de acción a su producciones audiovisuales.

Como su nombre lo indica: Un-wired=Sin-Cables; talento de acróbatas es de muy alto nivel, especializados en escenas que involucren luchas mano a mano, acrobacia, coreografías para artes marciales, secuencias de acción y marcación de escenas de riesgo.

Unwired Gente del Aire en facebook.

Bogotá, Colombia.
311 586 36 52

Unwired GDA, Reel No 2. from UnwiredGDA on Vimeo.

Como todos los martes hoy pendientes de Transglobal.

Hoy Martes en Transglobal, tendremos estrenos de Floating Points, Machinedrum, Gang Colours entre otros.

Twitter: @transglobalfm


Transglobal > Todos los Martes > 6-8pst, 8-10centro, 9-11est.

16 jun 2011

OUTLINES give us a new trend in their music video I CANNOT THINK.

It takes 8 minutes to get the new trend they are giving us. Awesome song, brilliant video directed by David Tomaszewski. If things keep going like this in the office, this will be popular among us.

OUTLINES "I cannot think" music video from Guillaume LE GRONTEC on Vimeo.

14 jun 2011

A lot of people need this sunglasses.

I've got almost nothing to say about this. Only that this sunglasses should be worn by lots of people i know, and actually i could use them once in a while. Here's the description the retail store has:

Sick of all those embarrassing photos on the internet? Worried a paparazzo took a shot of you doing that thing you do that nobody knows about, because it would get you fired, arrested or worse? You have 2 solutions: 1. Stop doing that thing; or 2: Get a pair of these face-blocking shades. We both know you're picking the latter, so continue to have your fun, and stop worrying about that possible call from your boss, parents or the police.

Buy them here for only U$12.

Transglobal y el nuevo trabajo de Jeff the Brotherhood.

Hoy Martes en Transglobal, estaremos escuchando "We are the Champions" el nuevo trabajo de los hermanos Orrall, mejor conocidos como Jeff the Brotherhood.

Tendremos estrenos de Three Trapped tigers, Redinho, Tensnake, Kidnap Kid, Ossie, Machine Head, entre otros.

Twitter: @transglobalfm


Transglobal > Todos los Martes > 6-8pst, 8-10centro, 9-11est.

13 jun 2011

WOWKeys from omnio!

This gadget is kinda cool, the guys at omnio came up with this awesome idea.

A keyboard for the iphone/ipod touch. It works for charging and synchronizing your device with iTunes. It has 12 keys for quick access to the functions you need or use the most.

Buy it here for only U$100.

Even tho, the video is really lame and has horrible acting its worth to watch it. Get impressed or laugh your ass off with this.

7 jun 2011

Hoy en transglobal Sam Baker y su nuevo trabajo.

Hoy Martes en Transglobal, estaremos escuchando el nuevo trabajo de Samiyam, tambien conocido como Sam Baker.

Tendremos estrenos de Jessica 6, Jamie XX (lo nuevo para Numbers), Magnifik, Julio Bashmore entre otros.
Twitter: @transglobalfm


Transglobal > Todos los Martes > 6-8pst, 8-10centro, 9-11est.

5 jun 2011

Kanye aint a motherfucking MONSTER!!!

He's a great artist. Im in love with this new song and video, everything is great once again, the song, the featured artists, the lighting, the models, the colorization, the attitude, the corpses.

The video is getting into lots of restrictions, and it has been banned a lot. Watch it here at Kanye's website. Or see the non finished version of it embedded below.

Video Provided by DatPiff.com

3 jun 2011

Awesome videos for the last day of this long week.

New Justice video for the song Civilization directed by Edouard Salier who has also worked with Massive Attack, Orishas and Air.

Justice - Civilization from Justice: Civilization on Vimeo.

The Greek, from Is Tropical debut album Native. Directed by Megaforce and animated by 7 at Machine Molle.

Cold Mailman's song Time is of the essence. Directed and animated by André Chocron.

Cold mailman - Time is of the essence from André Chocron on Vimeo.

Carving the mountains. The girls of Longboard Girls Crew having fun at Madrid's mountains.

Carving the Mountains from Juan Rayos on Vimeo.

And finally The Adam Carolla Show Live by DKNG studios. The video of the whole process to get to the poster.

Poster Process - The Adam Carolla Show Live! from DKNG Studios on Vimeo.