31 dic 2011

Feliz 2012.

Se acaba un año de cambios radicales. Gracias a todos los que hicieron parte de estos cambios. Feliz 2012.

15 dic 2011

Crispeta Mutante y De Juepuchas presentan el último nanay cucas.

Y si, esta es la fiesta de fin de año, los que estén en Bogotá no se la pueden perder.

Lana del Rey new video Born to Die.

Directed by Yoann Lemoine, this video is just about love, glamour and visual games with light and shadow. I liked it, but im loving Lana del Rey. Enjoy this.

14 dic 2011

Reuters best pictures of the year.

I finally got time to watch the best pics of the year 2011, according to news agency Reuters. There are some amazing pictures, but the awful truth is how the world is getting worse. Most pictures are about, war, terrorism, death and natural disasters. That give us a lot to think about. I share here my faves, Japan earthquake, a bride committing suicide, celebration of the Communist Party of China and more.

Check all the pictures in this link.

13 dic 2011

Un imperdible con transglobal. Especial de Disco & Boogie.

Hoy Martes en Transglobal, tendremos el tan esperado especial de Disco & Boogie, al igual que el nuevo LP de Escort por Tirk Recordings.

Twitter: @transglobalfm


Transglobal > Todos los Martes > 6-8pst, 8-10centro, 9-11est.

10 dic 2011

Duran duran new video Girl Panic.

Directed by Jonas Akerlund, this is the kinda videos is worth to watch. Over 9 minutes with 90s supermodels impersonating the band members. Filled with glamour, sexiness, parties and champagne, this video for me represents everything that matches the pop music and model industries. I have no idea what was the reason for channels as MTV and VH1 banned this video. We've seen worse in those channels, just a little example, Jersey Shore.

Enjoy while it lasts.

Amazing stipling art by Miguel Endara.

Hero is the name of the portrait Miguel Endara made of his father. He used the technique stipling which consists in only using small ink dots. For this specific project he used about 3.2 million dots, according to his maths, 4.25 dots per second in 210 hours. A crazy fact is that he only used one Sakura Pigma Micron pen to complete the whole art piece.
Its amazing the expression he gets through textures and mid-tones in this piece. Check his website for more of his work. I also have to remark that the video is beautifly edited, and postproduced. Congrats Mr. Endara.