30 nov 2010

El Guincho y su buen video Bombay.

Nunca había oido de esta banda española llamada El Guincho, pero por casualidad di con Bombay y la canción me encantó desde el comienzo. Pero algo que no pude hacer, fue apartar los ojos de tan extraño, bizarro y visualmente adorable video. Supongo que si se analiza se pueden encontrar distintas "lecturas" para estas imagenes. Yo la verdad prefiero desconectarme y disfrutarlo sin mucho trascendetalismo al respecto.


EL GUINCHO | Bombay from MGdM | Marc Gómez del Moral on Vimeo.

29 nov 2010


There is nothing worse that going through a police search, no matter if it is fast and gentle or if it is intrusive and unexpected. But now, if you are getting a X-Ray search, there is a great way to make your voice be heard by wearing appropriate clothing.

Just be sure you are wearing any of these 4th Amendment Metallic ink-printed underclothes next time you wake up with the feeling that you are gonna get S E A R C H E D . Buy here.


Young and Rubicam London came up with this awesome prints for vintage clothing store Shock and Soul. Photographed by John Short.

28 nov 2010


If you have a laptop, especially a MacBook Pro you are going to love this.

First, here it is, a wooden laptop case designed by berlin based designer Rainer Spehl. Its made with wood, leather and has a magnetic closure. Its available for 13, 15 and 17 inches MacBooks Pro.

And now, check this masterpiece of industrial design made by the french house La Boite Concept. The Laptop Dock LD 120 speaks by itself in this promotional video directed by Thibaut Vieville.

La Boite concept, LD 120 official video from La Boite Concept on Vimeo.


This dutch guy is one of the best photographers ive seen lately. Ruud Baan has the perfect eye for this, everything in his work is marketable, has a great sense of fashion and use of color. Definitely something worth it to admire.

The Holidays - Broken Bones video.

Sometimes is really nice when you feel tired of the same beats and music, and all of the sudden you find a new emerging band that sounds perfect for your crisis. This is what happened to me with the song Broken Bones from The Holidays, a new emerging indie australian band that has got my attention, the song is included in their debut album Post Paradise, that i gotta find and dig in.

The video is filled with beautiful, slow and strong images. Hot and cold references everywhere perfectly mixed, and the best of it all, the amazing furniture they used for the synth. Its the perfect song and video for a quiet sunday night.

The Holidays - Broken Bones from BLDG//WLF on Vimeo.

24 nov 2010

Jay-Z goes viral for Decoded.

New York based ad agencie Droga5, created a viral campaign for Jay-Z book decoded . The cover of the book has an illustration by Andy Warhol. Check out the campaign and the book cover.


I just found this guys work. And i think Dylan Reyes is a new breathe in fashion photography. Some of his pics remind me of Terry Richardson's work. I love how everything in his shoots look vintage and awkwardly sexy, the only thing i didnt like that much is that in lots of his pics there are extremely skinny girls. Enjoy his work.

22 nov 2010


Even tho iphone has such a great clean design, all the users are always lookig for a skin to protect it. And this one is the smartest and fun i've ever seen. It makes you phone look like a Leica rangefinder camera. It's made of plastic, covers the front and back of your phone, and it is just awesome. And Petapixel assures on their site that "Application is easy, and removal is clean". For sure if i get an iphone 4, i will get this skin as soon as i can. Buy it here.

Cut Copy new song - Take me over.

This is the new song from the Australian band Cut Copy. Take me over is the new single of the forthcoming album called Zonoscope. They have said in some interviews that they are evolving for this new album, using their usual electronic sound and effects and mixing them with organic percussion, that we can feel in this new track.

The album cover has a collage made by the japanese artist Tsunehisa Kimura (1928/2008) who used to recreate chaos and destruction trough the now commonly used photomontage.

Cut Copy - "Take Me Over" (Radio Edit) Premiere by modularpeople

21 nov 2010


Ive been surfing the net a lot tonight and ive seen weird stuff i wanna share with my regular viewers.

First, Mumdance video Don't forget me now. Directed by Ben Reed. An awesome fruity fucked up video you will ever remember.

Mumdance ft. Esser - Dont Forget Me Now from Ben Reed on Vimeo.

Tricky shows us in this video how the gangster life really is. Ghetto Stars with vocals by Franky Riley.

Darkstar's Gold is the kinda video that is so appealing visually that you kinda forget about music. Once again i love all the triangles in this piece.

Darkstar: Gold from Evan Boehm on Vimeo.

And finally, Gorillaz covering The XX song Crystalised for the BBC radio. Excellent cover for a mellow Sunday night.

Enjoy this 15 minutes of great videos and songs.


This great video was directed by young talented french guys -Jonas & Francois-. They have been pretty busy lately, their video -D.A.N.C.E.- for Justice launch them to the eyes of all the world, since then, they've been working with great musicians like Kanye's -Good Life-, Audiobully's -Only man-,Depeche's Mode emotionally charged -Peace- and Kavinsky's -Testarossa Drive-, among others.

Bigger than us is the first single from White Lies forthcoming album Ritual. A video filled with strong emotions, great young actors, a giant candy bar, and a teenage kiss. Totally worth to watch. Check it out.

white lies - bigger than us from EL NINO on Vimeo.

20 nov 2010

Belle & Sebastian estuvo en Bogotá.

Anoche en el Downtown Majestic se presentó Belle & Sebastian. El show no pudo estar mejor. Los músicos estaban completamente conectados con el público, y debo decirlo, que es uno de los mejores públicos que he visto en un concierto, gente agradecida con una banda a la que realmente aman.

Hubo una bonita armónica sonando, violinistas colombianos acompañándolos y gente del público bailando en la tarima con la banda. Stuart Murdoch la pasó muy bien debo decirlo, hasta salió corriendo y cantó desde el segundo piso junto a la gente de la boleta de atrás. Que buen gesto. Aunque no soy el fan número 1 de la banda cantaron muchas canciones que me gustan, pero lo más importante es que haya sonado la increíble Judy and the dream of horses. Y aparte de todo tengo mi boleta autografiada por el mismísimo Murdoch. En resumidas cuentas, una noche increíble.

19 nov 2010


Hoy los dejo con una campaña realizada por la agencia española Contrapunto para AMAM -Asociación de Mujeres Antimutilación-. Son unas piezas muy bien logradas graficamente en las cuales se muestran mujeres, reemplazadas por muñecas inflables, de paises tercermundistas en situaciones laborales cotidianas. Dando por entendido que cuando a una mujer se le practica la mutilación genital ya no sienten placer. Piezas muy inteligentes y perfectamente ejecutadas.


Este día empieza con la felicidad de saber que la banda escocesa Belle & Sebastian tocará esta noche en Bogotá -Nov 19/2010- en el downtown majestic, show que será posible una vez más gracias a Tokka Tonkka. No se queden sin sus entradas para ver a esta buenísima banda indie pop de mediados de los noventas.

18 nov 2010

JELLIO. Fun by design.

In the last months ive seen lots of furniture resembling stuff from when i was a kid. But now i have found Jellio. They have some amazing fun pieces that mix interior design with childhood memories in a unique way. My favorites are the Mini candelier made with about 3000 gummy bears in gloss acrylic, the gummy light made with rubber and LED lights but id love it with electric cord -i hate replacing batteries-, the cupcake seat and the amazind 3D shelf i would love to have. Take a look at the store in the site and also check the custom projects theyve made. They are rad.

17 nov 2010

DUE DATE. That was fun.

This is just the type of movie you enjoy a lot if you are stoned. A road trip, disfunctional friends, weed, lots of rage - fights and blood, Robert Downey Jr., Zach Galifianakis and a small dog that masturbates and is a great actor. A MUST SEE. Todd Phillips give us the laughs after his great success The Hangover. Even tho Phillips uses so many resources we've seen in other movies like gettin stoned by accident or the missuse of some relatives ashes, the movie gets you going and keep your mind clear for an hour an a half. I recommend to watch it on a day you get off work early. Pay attention to the great appearance by Juliette Lewis.

16 nov 2010


Este jueves 18 de noviembre en Armando Records se estarán presentando los australianos MIDNIGHT JUGGERNAUTS con sus beats pegajosos, coros bien logrados y ganas de ponernos a bailar a todos. Los juggernauts llevan unos días en Colombia y hasta están buscando plan para estos días, si tienen alguna idea para esto, no duden en hacérselo saber en su página de facebook. Muchos los han criticado (en pitchfork hasta dicen que son un vil plagio de ratatat) y muchos los han alabado, juzguen ustedes mismos. Los dejo con este par de videos dirigidos por KROZM quien parece ser su director de confianza.


Check Chris Kuzma's site. His illustrations are full of bright color, weird characters, bizarre cartoon manipulations and a little bit of odd sexuality. Take a look and try to get into his dark lightened canadian mind. He is also one of the creators of the wowee zonk fanzine.

15 nov 2010


Could you imagine having this fridge? Youd be the envy of all your friends. Designed by Broken Fingaz. Check it out.


This video is in everyblog today, so mine couldn't be the exception.
A video showing my favorite shape (the triangle) in a very erotic way, bizarre erotic, mixing vintage backgrounds, projections and camera effects with kailedoscopic futurism, modern wardrobe and fast sexy moves. Likke li video is directed by swedish Johan Söderberg, who has also worked with artists like Fever Ray, Madonna, Robyn and The Knife among others. In this video he gives us sex and seduction as a ritual, a tribal ritual with spells, dances, and beverages that will get us down.

Enjoy this great video before it gets too popular. And if you guys know who made that awesome outfit, let me know.

Lykke Li - Get Some (Director: Johan Söderberg) from Lykke Li on Vimeo.


Dante lanza su nuevo video Pa'atras dirigido por Mariano Lemon. El video está bien logrado, iluminación impecable y muy hd. Pero no todo puede ser bueno, me parece que cae en clichés modernos, niñas lindas bailando en bodegas abandonadas. Travestis gozando. Formas hechas por tubos de neón (me quedó con Reptilectric de Zoé). Algo que me gusta mucho es ver a Wendy Sulca y a la Tigresa del Oriente meneándolo en el video, pero así mismo creo que es solo una estrategia más que no aporta nada. Igual el video es divertido de ver, y la canción me gusta, la colaboración de Residente de Calle 13 está bien buena, poniéndole más suciedad a las letras de este buen tema.

Dante feat. Residente Calle 13 - PA'TRAS (Official Video) from dante spinetta zalazar on Vimeo.


On friday night, Bogotá was delighted by an amazing show thrown by amazing UK band Massive Attack. Great music, awesome lights and lots of socio/political messages. But it seems like this wasnt just a great weekend for me, my californian friend/artist Larimie Garcia met swedish songwriter and guitarist José Gonzalez yesterday. So, there is no better excuse for showing you guys this amazing cover José Gonzales makes of Massive Attack's Teardrop. Enjoy.

Jose Gonzalez - 'Teardrop' from Imperial Recordings on Vimeo.

14 nov 2010


One of my favorite bands releases a new video. Hot mess directed by Jérémie Rozan who also directed Justice Vs Simian We are your friends, Midnight Juggernauts Into the Galaxy and Chromeo's Night by Night and Tenderoni. Check the twin towers in the second 00:16. And the good looking girls everywhere.


Just watched this video today. Its amazing how someone finds his passion in pizza. A wholelife of making amazing dough and sauce for new yorkers. Watch it, youll start asking yourself if what you do makes you happy enough to keep on doing it.

The Best Thing I Ever Done HQ from MargaretEmily MacKenzie on Vimeo.


Por fin me decido a empezar este blog con cosas que veo y/o hago día a día y me gustan y se que a muchos también les gustarán. Empiezo con esta canción.