31 dic 2011

Feliz 2012.

Se acaba un año de cambios radicales. Gracias a todos los que hicieron parte de estos cambios. Feliz 2012.

15 dic 2011

Crispeta Mutante y De Juepuchas presentan el último nanay cucas.

Y si, esta es la fiesta de fin de año, los que estén en Bogotá no se la pueden perder.

Lana del Rey new video Born to Die.

Directed by Yoann Lemoine, this video is just about love, glamour and visual games with light and shadow. I liked it, but im loving Lana del Rey. Enjoy this.

14 dic 2011

Reuters best pictures of the year.

I finally got time to watch the best pics of the year 2011, according to news agency Reuters. There are some amazing pictures, but the awful truth is how the world is getting worse. Most pictures are about, war, terrorism, death and natural disasters. That give us a lot to think about. I share here my faves, Japan earthquake, a bride committing suicide, celebration of the Communist Party of China and more.

Check all the pictures in this link.

13 dic 2011

Un imperdible con transglobal. Especial de Disco & Boogie.

Hoy Martes en Transglobal, tendremos el tan esperado especial de Disco & Boogie, al igual que el nuevo LP de Escort por Tirk Recordings.

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10 dic 2011

Duran duran new video Girl Panic.

Directed by Jonas Akerlund, this is the kinda videos is worth to watch. Over 9 minutes with 90s supermodels impersonating the band members. Filled with glamour, sexiness, parties and champagne, this video for me represents everything that matches the pop music and model industries. I have no idea what was the reason for channels as MTV and VH1 banned this video. We've seen worse in those channels, just a little example, Jersey Shore.

Enjoy while it lasts.

Amazing stipling art by Miguel Endara.

Hero is the name of the portrait Miguel Endara made of his father. He used the technique stipling which consists in only using small ink dots. For this specific project he used about 3.2 million dots, according to his maths, 4.25 dots per second in 210 hours. A crazy fact is that he only used one Sakura Pigma Micron pen to complete the whole art piece.
Its amazing the expression he gets through textures and mid-tones in this piece. Check his website for more of his work. I also have to remark that the video is beautifly edited, and postproduced. Congrats Mr. Endara.

28 nov 2011

Videos for a new week.

Once again, some awesome videos to start this week.

MGMT - All We Ever Wanted Was Everything.
Directed by Ned Wenlock.

Friendly Fires - Hurting
Directed by David Lewandowski

Clock Opera - Lesson No.7
Director - Aoife McArdle

Dudes Factory presents Studiokillers - Ode To The Bouncer.

22 nov 2011

Ruta 67 de Transglobal con el nuevo EP de Flako.

Hoy Martes en Transglobal, estaremos escuchando temas del nuevo EP de Flako, titulado Carving Away the clay por Project:Mooncircle.

Tendremos Estrenos de Skittles, Dauwd, Taneli, Ye Mighty, entre otros.

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21 nov 2011


Rapetino’s blog gets into the 10.000+ views with the support of people from around the globe. Thanks for all the views, the shares, the comments, the spread, the support and more. This is getting better and bigger and Rapetino wants to thank you all for this and more achievements that will come.

18 nov 2011

me & LP CD. Artwork by Rapetino.

Finally i got time to post the art i did for Matthew Embree & Lisa Papineau's EP named Chez Raymond. All the art is taken from my personal project Spacepets, and fits perfectly with their music and lifestyle. Enjoy the art, and relax with their music.

Click here to buy their merch and below the pictures you will be able to buy and/or listen to their music.

17 nov 2011

Max Zorn. A tape artist.

Everyday we bump against new expressions of art, some of them good some not that much. Max Zorn, and street artist based in Amsterdam is one of those artist you would love to bump against with, he uses brown tape and light as art materials. From portraits to boxing guys, the use of shadows and how this shadows create some kind of classic vintage looks on his work, is what gives to this artist and his elements such and exceptional style becoming Zorn an awesome creator. Here is how he explains the project:

"The idea to work with tape instead of paint was inspired by a friend who worked as a car designer at that time. These guys often use slim tapes to outline their ideas on large boards. I was surprised to see, how fast they could create stunning sketches with it. During the last years that kind of tape-art also conquered the streets as a new form of urban art. However, it is widely practised by using colored tape on walls or streets.

The idea to use light as a medium was born during a nightly run through Amterdam. The nice old street lamps with their golden light seemed perfect to be used as an open gallery for the first test of my modified tape-art.
The installation was very simple by just clamping the taped glass onto street lamps and once the light illuminates the many layers of tape, it creates a very graphic picture that seems to be self-glowing.

All that is needed are flexible Plexi-glass, some brown translucent tape and a cutter. The rest is taping, cutting, taping, cutting…"

Just one small thing i didnt like, his website. But feel free to check it, so you can see more of his outstanding work.

16 nov 2011

Benetton new advertising campaign UNHATE.

Benetton new ad campaign UNHATE, took my mind back about 20 years ago, when they use to create controversy, obviously to increase their sales, but leaving a strong political and social message to create conscience in people.

This UNHATE its just a call to stop hating. "It means not hating," says Alessandro Benetton, deputy chairman of Benetton Group and son of the founder of the family-controlled company.
"In a moment of darkness, with the financial crisis, what's going on in North African countries, in Athens, this is an attitude we can all embrace that can have positive energy."

In this new campaign we can see images of global leaders kissing. Obama with Chavez, The Pope with Ahmed Mohamed el-Tayeb and a couple more. And there's also a beautiful commercial. The agency Fabrica used the leader's pictures with no permission, but they are not expecting complains cause they are promoting peace. Let's wait and see what will happen, in a bad scenario they are gonna get more media attention that will, of course, increase the sales.

Enjoy the campaign.

15 nov 2011

Transglobal nos trae algunos lados B de Teebs.

Hoy Martes en Transglobal, estaremos escuchando temas de lo que se considera como una coleccion de los lados B del beatmaker Teebs.

Tendremos Estrenos de Behling & Simpson, Falty DL, Lindstrom, entre otros.

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10 nov 2011

Transglobal ahora nos trae sus rutas para descargar.

Desde el martes 8 de Noviembre las nuevas rutas de Transglobal podrán ser descargadas y disfrutadas cuando a sus oyentes les plazca. En el programa del martes, ruta 65 se escucharon temas del Chinoiseries Part 2, proyecto en el cual Onra desempolva su legado vietnamita. Y como todos los martes, tuvimos estrenos, en esta ocasión de B Bravo, Akira Kiteshi, Onra, entre otros.

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Transglobal > Todos los Martes > 6-8pst, 8-10centro, 9-11est.

4 nov 2011

Crispeta Mutante vuelve este sábado 5 de noviembre.

Este sábado Crispeta Mutante estará realizando un nuevo evento, esta vez en la tarde con una muestra audiovisual en Casa Sin Fin (Calle 99 # 11b - 20). Aparte de los cortos, el evento tendrá bandas, dj's, vj's, cocina de autor, muestra fotográfica, performances e intervenciones de artistas urbanos.
Vea en el video el line-up del evento. Suena bien. Estalla.

Crispeta Mutante te llevará a exponerte from Crispeta Mutante on Vimeo.

1 nov 2011

Transgobal nos trae lo nuevo de Renaissance Man.

Hoy Martes en Transglobal, estaremos escuchando temas del Proyecto de Renaissance Man titulado "The Renaissance Man Project" por Turbo Recordings.

Tendremos Estrenos de Deft, Hackman, Omar S, Megadeth, entre otros.

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28 oct 2011

25 oct 2011

Transglobal trae unos temas del nuevo álbum del Brandt Brauer Frick Ensemble.

Hoy Martes en Transglobal, estaremos escuchando temas del nuevo album del Brandt Brauer Frick Ensemble.

Tendremos Estrenos de Eliphino, Kidnap Kid, Dubtrio, entre otros.

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24 oct 2011

Duck Sauce new video. Big Bad Wolf.

Duck Sauce, the dance duo (A-Trak and Armand Van Helden) gave us their new single, Big Bad Wolf, i hated the song, but loved and laughed hard with the video. Directed by Keith Schoffield, also know for videos like Diesel's SFW XXX, and Chromeo's Dont turn lights on. This is what A-Track said to Rolling Stone magazine.

"When Keith [Schoffield] came up with this idea of 'crotchfaces,' we just thought it was hilarious. He started coming up with all these gags and describing the characters living in this sort of parallel world, and we were sold. He wasn't sure if we'd be down to play the leads, but our take on this was, if we're going to do this, we need to go all the way. So we played the dickheads, essentially."

18 oct 2011

Esta noche Transglobal trae lo nuevo de Zed Bias.

Hoy Martes en Transglobal, estaremos escuchando temas del nuevo album de Zed Bias que recopila producciones realizadas a lo largo de esto años.

Tendremos Estrenos de Jack Dixon, Floating Points, Mosca, Mak + Pasteman, entre otros.

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17 oct 2011

M83 new video Midnight City.

Last night i watched the Swedish movie Låt den rätte komma in, in english (Let the Right One In), directed by Tomas Alfredson. A movie with disturbed, bullied, vampire kids. And today by mere coincidence, I bumped with Midnight City, this new awesome video for the band M83, it has kids with special powers, disturbed, smart, and angry. I just love how the video looks, lights and shadows, vintage style, very sci-fi. Im not quite sure, but i think its directed by Fleur & Manu.

Just a small coincidence, sit back, turn the lights off and enjoy the M83 new video, and if you have a couple extra hours get the movie and watch it.

11 oct 2011

Transglobal nos trae el nuevo EP de remixes de Gang Colours. Imperdible.

Hoy Martes en Transglobal, estaremos escuchando temas del nuevo EP de remixes de Gang Colours.

Tendremos Estrenos de Sloslylove, Simone Fedi, Bicep, entre otros.

Twitter: @transglobalfm


Syndromes. A shortfilm by Kristoffer Borgli and The Golden Filter.

A gorgeous, lonely, model like teenage girl, has special powers that aren't certainly revealed in this eleven minutes. She performs some kinda hardcore reiki against her own will.
A shortfilm by Kristoffer Borgli and The Golden Filter that is beautifully art directed.

SYNDROMES - a short film by Kristoffer Borgli & The Golden Filter from The Golden Filter on Vimeo.

7 oct 2011

Warming up for the weekend videos.

Yuksek - Always on the run. Directed by Skinny.

"Always on the run" - YUKSEK from Savoir Faire on Vimeo.

Cut copy, Blink And You'll Miss A Revolution. Amazing video directed by Emile Sornin.

Cut Copy - Blink And You'll Miss A Revolution from Cut Copy on Vimeo.

The latest Kasabian video for the song Days are forgotten, directed by AB/CD/CD.

Hercules and Love Affair, You Belong. Live on Pitchfork's Don't Look Down.

Soupaczar video for the song Own Rocket. Directed by Rino Stefano Tagliafierro kinda reminds me of a gondry, white stripish video.

SOUPACZAR - OWN ROCKET (Dir.Rino Stefano Tagliafierro) from Rino Stefano Tagliafierro on Vimeo.

5 oct 2011

Nueva propuesta de fiestas artísticas en Bogotá a cargo de Crispeta Mutante.

Crispeta Mutante es un colectivo de artistas que pretende encontrar espacios en la ciudad para rescatar y reunir diversos tipos de expresión creativa. Cada una de las intervenciones de Crispeta Mutante resulta en un ensamble de distintas artes mediante la interacción dinámica de puestas en escena.

Line up:
Nicolas Vallejo.
Fer Kohl & un pasajero. Más info.
Los plankton. Más info.
Gabaa Sánchez.
Shifter. Más info.
Gonzalo Rodríguez y Philippe Siegenthaler. Radiónica.
Nicer Dicers. Más info.
Pizarro DJ set. Like Those Cats From Japan.

Visaules por:
Sirama (Juan Camilo Amaris).
Pizzatero (Miguel Chaparro).
Juan Camilo Pinilla.

Cocina y cocteles de autor por Sushingada y Yumi Yumi.
Un performance de danza de Jao Moon. Más info.
Cirko KOcir (Chile).
Esculturas peludas por on peluquería.
Fotografías por Julieta Feroz.

Lugar: Av. Caracas No. 40-43.
8 de octubre 2011.
6pm - 3am.
10k hasta las 10pm. 15 k después de las 10pm.

4 oct 2011

Transglobal trae en su ruta 60 lo más reciente de DJ Shadow.

Hoy Martes en Transglobal, estaremos escuchando y comentando acerca del mas reciente álbum de DJ Shadow.

Tendremos Estrenos de Azari & III, Ad Bourke, Mercury, Inner West Soul, entre otros.

27 sept 2011

Ruta 59 de transglobal con el EP debut de Guy Furious.

Hoy Martes en Transglobal, estaremos escuchando el EP debut de Guy Furious al igual que un par de temas de [Unclassified] el nuevo compilado de Adult Swim.

Tendremos Estrenos de Mastondon, Dam Funk, Vhs or Beta, Amerigo Gazaway, Kode 9, entre otros.

26 sept 2011

Moon. Beautiful new Bjork video.

THis new video directed, produced and art directed by björk, inez and vinoodh, m/m paris and james merry, has an awesome art direction. The styling and make up turn Bjork into the space goddess from your dreams. Love the edition and the motion graphics. Highly recommended to start this week.

björk: moon from Björk on Vimeo.

20 sept 2011

La ruta 58 de transglobal nos trae hoy algo de Mosca y comentarios del regreso de Los Tetas.

Hoy Martes en Transglobal, estaremos escuchando el mas reciente 12" de Mosca y estaremos comentando el tan esperado regreso de Los Tetas.

Tendremos Estrenos de Ben Westbeech, Damu, Abjo, MachineHead, entre otros.

Twitter: @transglobalfm


13 sept 2011

Ruta 57 en transglobal hace un mini homenaje a DJ Medhi.

Hoy Martes en Transglobal, estaremos escuchando unos temas del Best Of, de Quantic y le rendiremos un micro tributo a Dj Medhi R.I.P. al final del programa.

Tendremos Estrenos de Braille, Josh H, Quantic, entre otros.

Twitter: @transglobalfm


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11 sept 2011

Awesome street artist from the UK.

How come the UK has some of the best street artists with political messages? Something has to be going on up there. But people don't know any other than Banksy, genius Banksy.

Here is just one image of Mobstr's work. Probably my favorite. He goes against everything, even other street artist, state, advertising,  privacy and life in general. Check his flickr in here.

6 sept 2011

La ruta 56 de Transglobal con temas del primer LP de Rustie.

Hoy Martes en Transglobal, estaremos escuchando unos temas de Glass Sword, el primer LP de Rustie por Warp.

Tendremos Estrenos de Crazy P, Dam Funk, Tiger & Woods, Scuba, Walton, entre otros.

Twitter: @transglobalfm


Transglobal > Todos los Martes > 6-8pst, 8-10centro, 9-11est.

AUDIO, VIDEO, DISCO. Justice new video.

SO ME directed this new video, that looks more like a promo for the forthcoming album of Justice, Audio, Video, Disco than a video for a single. Lots of greatly executed camera moves, elegance, christmas, new year and more to see in this visual ride.

4 sept 2011

The funk is back motherfuckers!

10 años después de su separación, el 26 de agosto de este año nos llega la maravillosa noticia que los illya Kuryaki & The Valderramas estarán de vuelta pronto. Con este video dirigido por Hernan Corera & Luciano Cieza anuncian su regreso que viene con gira (espero mundial) y nuevo disco.

Disfruten del mejor video de regreso de una banda que jamás se haya visto.

illya Kuryaki & The Valderramas (IKV) "TRAILER 2012" Oficial. from ikv oficial on Vimeo.