30 ene 2011

Boris Lopez draw sexually charged ads for American Apparel.

When i was buying a hoodie in American Apparel, my friend Larimie Garcia, told me that American Apparel's advertising campaigns have a strong sexual charge, and that some of them have been banned, and that company's CEO Dov Charney was known for giving this inspiration to their ads.

Today i could confirm that, when i received an email with the new American Apparel ads. Boris Lopez, whose illustrations have been in porn magazines, draw a couple of cute young girls (hopefully over 18) putting off their panties and closing with the tag line, Cotton. You can feel how good it looks.

For sure, it wont hit massive media, but I think the message is clear and everyone gets it right away. Lets wait for what the feminists will say about this.

New oral hygiene.

Leen Sadder is a graphic designer from Lebanon, who had to develop a project for college: Redesign the first thing they threw out after class. She threw out an empty tube of toothpaste, so, that's when she got immersed into this project. Research began and she found the Miswak; "a cleansing twig of the Salvadora persica tree, used for the purposes of teeth cleaning throughout the Middle-East and Asia for millennia."

She created an amazing packaging where you are able to see the bark, and the lid has some sort of cigar-cutter, to strip the bark to the fibers, so they look like a toothbrush.

Check it out.

28 ene 2011

Thursday video Thursday.

Once again, it is Thursday and i'm stuck at the office with tons of work. But i've been watching awesome videos that i need to share with the people. So, sit back, relax and enjoy.

Karl X Johan - Flames (dir. cut) from Gustav Johansson on Vimeo.

Sampled Room from Mateusz Zdziebko on Vimeo.

25 ene 2011

Eco products! Clean idea and design.

Berlin based design studio Korefe was assigned with the project STOP THE WATER WHILE USING ME. This is what they came with:

"Develop a brand for a high-quality range of cosmetics that meet the increasing requirements of an ecologically aware society and set new standards in environmental protection. The innovation: the message is the brand."

Awesome, neat and inspirational work.

23 ene 2011

Punk is dead!!!

Today i had the chance to watch Paul Rachman's documentary American Hardcore. And it was amazing. All that energy that young guys had in the early 80's is not seen anymore in new punks!!! Anyways, as Bruce Loose singer of Flipper said in the end of the documentary PUNK IS DEAD!!! And it's been like that in a long time.

And after watching that documentary i bumped with this video made by Marcus Lundin for Adam Tensta's song Like a Punk. Its a good video, a money head on a punk is something great, b/w always give more drama to images, but i just think it reflects that nowadays lost teenagers are fighting no cause, they all say they are rude and missbehave but all they do is watch MTV, eat McDs and act cool and rebel.

Watch the american hardcore trailer and the Like a Punk video.

17 ene 2011

This is VJing.

I just found Romain Tardy aka Aalto today, a french VJ artist who is part of the visual label AntiVj. And once again, i can instantly tell when someone has passion for something and becomes a pro. Check this examples of his work, and go through his 19m2 project. You won't regret.

Nosaj Thing vs. Aalto @ LUNCHMEAT 2010 from ...::LUNCHMEAT::... on Vimeo.

12 ene 2011

Gorillaz new cartoon band member.

Gorillaz announced this week the winner of the contest "The Evangelist", in which, they were encouraging their fans to draw the new character for the band. And they can add members to their band whenever they want to, they are just cartoons making awesome music. They received over 5000 drawings and over 175000 votes according to the official site. The winner makes himself call Jirouta. And his design was redrawn by cartoon illustrator Jamie Hewlett, original member of Gorillaz and personal friend of Damon Albarn.

"The Evangelist" is the opposite of "The Boogieman"; the light to his awful shade. "The Boogieman" has appeared in several images from the Gorillaz world, and now featured in several videos. "The Boogieman" is believed to a dark and hideous figure, composed of all the evil in the world, all wrapped up inside his black swirling cloak. He has a gas mask for a face. He may have reappeared throughout history, an ominous figure accompanying the re-emergence of Murdoc Niccals through all of time.

"The Evangelist" is a similar entity, but the flip-side of "The Boogieman". He/she may even be revealed as "The Boogieman's" avenger.

Here's Jirouta's entry for the contest:

And this is Hewlett redrawn of "The Evangelist".

10 ene 2011

Great art by Saddo Raul.

I just found today this amazing artist from Romania. Saddo's art for me, is heavily influenced by Os Gemeos. Surreal, playful, colorful art, made for brighten up the streets. Check his flickr.

Barry McGee.

San Francisco artist Barry McGee had an exhibition in Sao Pãulo in June 2010. Filmmaker Antonio de Paula Ternura made this video about the making of for this exhibition. Check out the slow timing, tender and softness of presenting the process of the work of this acclaimed graffiti artist.

Barry McGee - TRANSFER SP Brasil from Antonio de Paula Ternura on Vimeo.


Y&R Brazil made this amazing ads for Santa Casa de Sao Pãulo.

4 ene 2011

Blama! Blama! video for Collide Sparks.

Probably a lot of people have seen this video already. I found it today and i think its a master work directed by Christopher Hewitt for Blamma! Blamma!. Once again, slow motion, collisions and a couple of huge fat dudes colliding. Check it out. It's fun and smart.

Special Packaging for Quattro Skateboard DVD.

Chad Tim Tim, Darrell Stanton, and Levi Brown skated their asses off for the film Trio, and for QUATTRO they skated along with Mark Appleyard. The crew lead by Ricki Bedenbaugh kept the decks and took them to manufacturer Paul Schmitt to create 35 special edition DVD cases of Quattro. Check the trailer, and the making-of of the cases.

Making of QUATTRO DVD Deck holders. from Ricki Bedenbaugh on Vimeo.

2 ene 2011

Eleven Resolutions for 2011.

In 2010, i wrote down my 10 resolutions for the year, and today i was reading them again. I only fulfilled 4 of them, so i was wondering if i should keep this odd tradition.

Well, i found this today, Andy Babb created this cards with some of the most common resolutions for the upcoming year. They're funny, cynical, cute, real and have raw illustrations. You can buy them here.